Alex Stenzel grew up in Oer-Erkenschwick, a small coal-mining town on the fringe of the Ruhrgebiet, the industrial heart of Europe. At age 9, Alex Stenzel unknowingly made his first invention, a wind-skate sail built from aluminium pipes and a plastic tarp. He skateboarded with it along the windy dike roads on the North Sea island of Sylt. In the early eighties he was one of the first to experiment with Kite Surfing. Tied to the back of his van, and held up by five kites, he would swing 30 feet above ground. Then, pulled by these kites, he would ice skate across frozen lakes in winter and be dragged through water in the summer. At age twenty he belonged to Europe’s Fashion Elite with his label “Broken Glasses”, designing jeanswear inspired by surfing. During his years as a fashion designer, he often modeled for his own collection, and later on special request, he modeled for other companies.

Alex has set foot on every continent and visited almost every country in the world. After a period of extensive travels between 1996-2002, living a “neonomadic” lifestyle, he today works and lives in his house/studio in the Pacific Palisades, southern California. He owns over two dozen patents, trademarks and copyrights in fields as widely ranging as fashion, general gift items, computer accessories, food products, architectural designs, screenplays, workout programs, and computer games. He is also an internationally renowned painter and photographer, having been featured in documentaries and reviewed in many major publications. He also created a yoga system, the “SoCali Flow”, merging western philosophy with eastern body, mind, spirit practices.

Alex Stenzel is also an experienced skier, rock climber, surfer, windsurfer and skateboarder. He participated at the 1987 Alfsee European Water-ski Championships, Barefooting. He had a world ranking in three different sports, Tennis (No. 33, ITF Junior World ranking, 1982, and 3rd Place, Doubles Junior World Championships, Port Washington, New York, 1982), Triathlon (Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Hawaii, 1986), and Mountain Biking (No.32, Grundig Mountain Bike World Cup, Kaprun, Austria, 1987).